Welcome to the Philippines


The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands in South-East Asia. There are more than a hundred distinct ethnic groups with a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts. English is an official language and is very widely spoken. The Philippines has beautiful emerald rice fields, colourful jeepneys, and cheerful and friendly people.



Cebu is the Gateway to a Thousand Journeys, a traveller’s fantasy of a tropical island come true. Cebu has blossomed into a choice tourist destination, with many leisure establishments taking full advantage of its sea-valley-and-mountain location.

Metropolitan Cebu, the country’s second-biggest metropolis, is the political, economic, educational and cultural centre of the Visayas. The rest of Cebu’s 166 islands and islets are fringed with sandy beaches and sapphire-clear waters teeming with marine life, perfect for divers. More…


There is an undeniable easy atmosphere in Boracay. In the daytime, travellers can be seen having a soothing massage under the shade of a coconut tree beside the shoreline. And in the evening, Boracay turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join.

Diversions are certainly no problem in this tropical Eden with leisure activities calendared throughout the year and amenities offered by some 350 tourist establishments. More…


Banaue is often described as, “where land merges with the clouds to meet the heavens” because of its high altitude with the rice terraces as “the stairway to the sky”. Banaue is a place for nature adventures and cultural immersion.

A leading tourism destination in Asia, the Banaue rice terraces start from the base of the Cordilleras and reach up to several thousand feet high. Its length, if stretched from end to end, could encircle half of the globe. The rice paddies are fed by mountain springs and streams that are channelled into an irrigation canal that runs downhill through the terraces. More…



The Municipality of Badian is located 97.6 km southwest of Cebu City in the Central Visayas (Region VII). Badian is now in the early development stage for nice tourist accommodations and resorts.

There are some fantastic beachfront and sea-view locations available. Badian is generally a mountainous and hilly area, where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and bicycles. More…